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 Alice Ritter


New York-based French transplant Alice Ritter designs a contemporary collection that perfectly blends elements of French chic with New York’s laid-back approach to style. Feminine and delicate details share the stage with sharply tailored and more masculine lines to conjure up the image of an elegant, stylish and free-spirited woman.


When Alice moved to New York from Paris over a decade ago, fashion was only a passion for the former music publicist. She got her first order while making one-of-a-kind hand-made pieces, which gave her the motivation to push the adventure further. A few years of hard work and determination garnered Alice Ritter the recognition she needed from the industry: supportive press, sponsored fashion shows, loyal customers and in 2010 a place in the CFDA Fashion Incubator Program.


Alice understands that designing starts with what her personal needs as a woman dictate. She’s always trying to design what she terms as “the perfect uniform” – or the ideal outfit that she would feel comfortable wearing endlessly.




French cinema, particularly “Nouvelle Vague” director Eric Rohmer, and Maurice Pialat’s 1983 “A nos amours”.

Street style and French ready-to-wear from the late 70’s (Dorothee Bis, Sonia Rykiel).




A constant play on opposites (romanticism/grunge, feminine/masculine, sexy/comfortable) results in an easy silhouette that evokes nonchalant, free-spirited women. Loose, comfortable dresses and tunics are made of light and delicate materials that skim the body rather than constrict it. Sharply tailored pants and outerwear are paired with lightly embroidered or laced blouses and fine cashmeres. Alice Ritter’s silhouette is decidedly feminine, albeit with a twist, a subtle tough edge to it.




Alice Ritter

60 west 13th street


New York NY 10011

ph:+1 646 378 8343